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my Review: Belo Essentials SPF 40 Face Sunblock

Ok. I thought of making a review bout sun block, since its summer and a lot of people are looking for the best sun block to use. Well, you really can't tell what the best sun block to use is. It still depends on your skin, your skin needs, since we all have different skin type. I've tried Nivea (the ever sikat reliable Nivea Sun block, I still actually have it). For the body, yes, effective, it's actually good. Not really a problem for my body skin. But for the face, it’s heavy, feel greasy at the same time and it's really obvious on your face. It's really obvious that you have sun block on your face. And we are all looking for a sun block that is not obvious and feels like as if we did not apply any sun block at all. And i tried their Refreshing Milk Sun block, it has SPF 30, it's actually their face sun block. Verdict? it's still greasy and make your face shiny and it makes your face oily, really oily, but good thing about it, although it makes your skin oily or look oily, i didn't have a breakouts. Good!

Since my face has the tendency of being so oily I have to look for a product that will protect and won't make my skin oily. I don't like cream based sun block since it will clog your pores. It really does. So, what I'm really looking for is a water-based or lotion type or gel based sun block. So, why I became obsessed with sun block? Hahaha. Not really obsess but it just happened that I need it. Before i'm using Myra face moisturizer with SPF 15. Note really a sunblock but somehow protects your skin. So why really? Because I was actually about to have my peel last April 17(TCA Peel, wanted to have a smoother skin again), but my Derma ask me, "are you sure you want to this? It's summer!” And yes, I have plans for summer so I decided to just cancel it and have it after summer instead to avoid more complications, because I can't avoid not being exposed by the sun. Alangan naman na mag beach ako ng nakalongsleeves, naka payong at naka mask? Hahaha. So instead she gave me a cream and a soap to have a milder peeling for the mean time, and 2 weeks before my vacation i should stop applying it, to stop the peeling process. And since my face is peeling i have to use sun block. She told me to use sun block that at least has SPF 30. She was giving me a sunblock, SPF 80 if i'm not mistaken, it doesn't have a brand name(it's their product of course) She didn't insisted naman that i use it, Ayuko din naman since it's cream based, i don't want a cream based sun block cause it will clog my pores. So i search the internet to find a sun block that will fit my needs. Then i run through this review about Belo Essentials Face Sun block. The article says that it's non-greasy, light on your face, doesn't have smell (not scented), cream but watery but not runny (so pwede na), and it has SPF 40 plus moisturized your face. So I bought it and it’s really good. It does meet my needs. Best sun block so far, for me. They also have a body sun block which has more SPF, SPF 60 actually. Just a thought, why does the face sunblock has a lower SPF than the body sun block? Believed that face needs more SPF than your body, right? Cause it's more sensitive than your body, right? Or i don't know. Hahaha..


 It does have a matte finish. I really recommend Belo Essentials Face SPF 40 Sun block. Would have been great if it's not just SPF 40. But i still love it. I love Belo Products! Hahaha

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